PC gun controller-Pc gun controller of 2021 review

PC Gun Controller: PC gun controllers are experiencing a renaissance these days thanks to VR gaming as gamers are looking for a fun design to make their VR shooter engagements more realistic. There are, however, many gun controllers that can handle a more typical computer gun controller, especially if you have a Wii remote handy.

2021 PC Gun Controller:

Here is a pc gun controller for popular VR headsets, PC gaming, and even an arcade-style PC gaming station.

Oculus Quest 2 Esimen VR Pistol Case:

These ingenious dual pistols were created especially for the Oculus Quest 2: Quest 2 controllers are required. They must fit inside the controllers to work, and a little extra weight helps with realism.


Players have full control over the buttons and finger cutouts on the handles help with positioning and comfort. These firearms are also available in black. Of course, because they’re made exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2, they won’t work with other VR headsets, so we don’t recommend getting them unless you already own an Oculus model.

NioTech’s Wii Motion Plus Gun:

The secret to the Wii controller is that you can quickly configure it to behave like your cursor on a computer, allowing it to work with a wide variety of FPS games. The next step is to buy a gun frame for the controller, and this is one of the best, a pair of two sturdy pistol-style frames with access to all critical buttons.

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The Wiimote is held in place while people play, thanks to an ergonomic design and attention to detail, including a remote slide lock. The problem is that the whole arrangement requires the use of a Wii remote, preferably MotionPlus.

PCs Struggle to Detect Wiimote:

We should also mention that many PCs struggle to detect the Wiimote as a mouse replacement right away, so you may need to go through the lengthy Bluetooth connection process every time you use it. However, if you already own a Wii or are willing to buy a used controller, this is a highly economical choice!

Wii Zapper Ostent Weapon:

The one-handed design is fine for handguns, but not the best experience if you plan on using a larger weapon. On the other hand, the Zapper is essentially the same concept, but with a two-handed design that is much more appropriate for playing with a rifle and allows you to use both the Wii Remote.


This PC gun controller, at the same time, if you want PCs, you might be confused by this setup, but people have developed workarounds if you don’t mind getting a little more involved.

Oculus Rift S/Quest Glistco Magni Stock:

Speaking of controllers that more accurately mimic a rifle stock, there’s one made expressly for using a weapon in VR – and it’s no slouch. The carbon fiber design is extremely strong and lightweight and incorporates magnets to secure and secure the Oculus Rift S/Quest/other compatible controllers.


It also has a nylon handle that can be used as a two-point sling for easy handling, eliminating the need to lower the rifle frame while taking care of other matters.

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HTC Vive Hyperkin Hyper Blaster:

There’s no need to feel left out if you have an HTC Vive headset: this simple pistol frame is a sturdy replica built to work with the HRC Vive Tracker – and it even provides some haptic feedback for effective gameplay. While this setup works fine with older Vive models, you might be wondering how it works with the Vive Cosmos.


Fortunately, while the Cosmos models employ an inside-out tracking method, the Hyper Blaster also supports SteamVr tracking and, when properly configured, should be able to accommodate previous game types.

Captiankn Bluetooth Game Controller:

You might not be interested in virtual reality or have easy access to a Wiimote, but you still have options! This gun frame is designed for mobile gaming, but if you have Bluetooth and a screen, it should also work fine on your PC. It can also be used as a complete controller.

Four action buttons:

It comes with a fire button, integrated joystick, four action buttons, a rewind mechanism for the reload function (key remapping required, but that’s part of the fun), and vibrating feedback.


There’s a joystick-equipped side attachment that turns it into a weapon/controller hybrid, but it’s not necessary if you prefer to leave it off. The softer grip materials are particularly appealing as they are conducive to long periods of play when you are in the zone.

Light Gun AimTrak:

This lightweight AimTrack weapon might be more to your liking if you have big plans. It has an infrared sensor bar and can be used to fully simulate a USB mouse or game controller depending on your needs. If you want a typical arcade-style experience and aren’t afraid to tweak and calibrate until you get everything right, this is a good choice. There are two things to keep in mind here:

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The pistol uses a USB

First, the pistol uses USB 2.0, which is outdated now, and USB 2.0 ports are not available on all PCs. While USB-A is generally backwards compatible, you will need an adapter for USB-C which will slow down.


Second, if you want to use the gun but want a sensor that works differently, you can replace the infrared sensor bar with the model with another.


Shooting games are among the most popular virtual reality games. VR pistol controllers provide a level of immersion unavailable with a standard PC VR pistol controller. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for the best VR weapon stocks.

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