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Streaming table – Use a camera with built-in flash


The streaming desk has grown in popularity over time and will continue to do so. If the current trend continues, the industry will no doubt continue to grow and prosper. Having the proper streaming table setup to provide proper entertainment to your viewers is essential to becoming a successful streamer. It’s easy to be impressed by the sheer number of moving parts that seem to provide the high production quality that Ninja has if you’ve ever watched a professional streamer.

Streaming room setup is subjective. So it’s easy for people to disagree about how it should be. Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your streamer workstation. When considered individually, some of these features may not seem important, but when combined, they help your broadcast stand out from the crowd. Enjoy the suggestions and have fun streaming! There are 20 things to think about when setting up your streaming desk.

Get a monitor arm:

The monitor arm is the initial part of setting up your streamer table. Even if you’re not a professional, using a single monitor to stream efficiently is next to impossible. You have two or more ways to change them quickly and easily. You can easily move and rotate your monitors with the help of a monitor arm. It also frees up space on your desk, eliminating the need for monitor stands.

Use a camera with a built-in flash:

The quality of your stream lighting will determine how much it costs to make. You don’t need a camera to join Twitch or YouTube. There’s no denying that having a live video feed increases the overall appeal of your stream, but the research on the subject is mixed at best. Unless they already have a sizable dedicated fanbase, streamers who only use a mic are unlikely to draw much attention.

Invest in a compact mechanical keyboard:

It’s time to upgrade your ergonomic keyboard, and a mechanic is the way to go. As a bonus, it is much gentler on your fingers and makes the game much more responsive. Give him an ergonomic wrist-positioning platform and you’ve got something special. You are unlikely to find any use for the numeric keypad.

Buy an ergonomic chair:

An ergonomic chair such as ErgoChair Pro or ErgoChair Pro+ is required for your streaming setup. The chair you use must provide adequate support if you are going to sit passively. When setting up your streaming room, include an ergonomic chair with features like headrests, lumbar support, and height adjustments.

Standing tables in regular table form:

It’s no surprise that your desk is the most crucial aspect of your streaming setup. In terms of the streaming workstation, there is no better option than Autonomous SmartDesk. Instead of just streaming, it can be used for other things like image design and even writing. If you are a streamer, the SmartDesk Core version may be more suitable for you than the SmartDesk Pro version.

Use a dedicated microphone?

Headphones, which make up a significant part of the streamer’s tabletop streaming accessories, are usually equipped with a built-in microphone. The microphone in your headset will suffice if you don’t have access to a separate microphone or are on a tight budget. However, once you have the money to spend on a dedicated microphone, you should. When it comes to range capture and noise cancellation, dedicated microphones often outperform other types.

Use at least two monitors:

During the discussion of monitor arms, brief mention was made of monitors. Streaming should be a participatory experience, so multiple screens are required. On the one hand, you will be involved in video game activities. However, your viewers will be more interested if they can participate in the video in some way.

Wireless peripherals are not allowed:

The use of wireless peripherals should be avoided when setting up your streaming desk. Wireless technology improves the convenience of most situations. However, this does not include games. The most sensitive and precise controls are essential in this situation. Waves cannot match a direct link when it comes to signal transmission. If you’ve ever wondered why professional first-person shooters often use wired mice, the answer is simple: they’re more comfortable with them.

blue light glasses

Playing video games requires a significant investment of your vision resources. It usually means they are absorbing too much blue light from the screen while you play. Wearing glasses with built-in blue light filters can be beneficial if you’re looking at screens for a long time. For all practical purposes, you should disregard this as an extra that comes with the job.

Use a headset holder when traveling:

Oddly, this is the only component you won’t be using during your live stream. Holding your headphones when not in use is their sole purpose. Better organization is possible with the help of a headphone stand. Many streamers can’t find convenient places where they can store their gear while they’re not streaming.

Try making your microphone arm:

If you’re using a dedicated microphone, think about where to place it so it doesn’t interfere with your stream. It can come from a microphone placed on your streaming table or from a stand on the floor. If you use a microphone arm, make sure it doesn’t block the audience’s view.

Loaders for controllers are required:

This area of ​​your streaming desk is dedicated solely to streamlining your workflow. Having a dead controller with no backups because all your other controllers died is one of the most annoying and inconvenient things in the world. Invest in a control charger station that you can use to charge your devices. Make sure controllers that are not being used get enough charge.

Table streaming quality:

A streamer’s desk is critical to the quality of their streams. This flat table offers plenty of room for various monitor setups, so all your broadcast gear should fit on it. To make the experience as pleasant as possible, pay attention to several aspects. Adjustable legs make ergonomics easy, and headphone hooks and charging racks make it easy to have everything close at hand.

Streaming table cost:

Work on improving your streaming skills instead of buying more expensive gear to hide your flaws. If your PC isn’t good, expect to shell out at least $200-$250. It’s possible to upgrade to better hardware on a $200 budget if you start making money from streaming.

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