Smu vs Memphis Prediction and Why Can We Cover Memphis?

The Smu vs Memphis, Tip-offs at Moody Coliseum in University Park, Texas forecast will take place at 8pm ET. Mustangs are 4-point favorites by William Hill Sportsbook’s Memphis vs SMU odds. The number of stitches projected below or total is 142.5, from the beginning of the line to half stitch. View the SportsLine Projection Model college basketball predictions before making any sum vs Memphis predictions.

Memphis at SMU Odds, Row: NCAA Basketball Picks for 2021:

For the first time in three years, the Memphis Tigers (9-5), visiting the SMU Mustangs, have the possibility of winning four consecutive US Athletic Conference games, 8-3, on Thursday. Last season, the Tiger lost both games with SMU but took the first step towards a 76-72 victory in Memphis on Tuesday night. It was the third consecutive school meeting, which was decided by five points or less.

Division I Institution:

The model replicates 10,000 basketball games across all Division I institutions. The proprietary computer model has made a significant profit of more than $2,300 over the past four years for $100 players on its top-tier college basketball team. Everyone who followed him made huge gains. Now the Smu vs Memphis prediction was the model. To see your picks, you can go to SportsLine.

SMU University Baseball vs Memphis:

Various college baseball odds for SMU vs Memphis are present:

  • Memphis vs SMU: Mustangs -4
  • Over-under Prediction Smu vs Memphis: 142.5 pts.
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Tiger Mustangs – 190

  • The Tigers have to be 5-9 against spread this season.

Why can we cover Memphis?

Center Moussa Cisse Freshman was chosen for the pre-Saison AAC Rookie of the Year and the hype starts. Cisse’s third notable performance with the double-double (10 points, ten rebounds) against SMU came after a four-game period in which he scored a combined 10 points. The current rookie of the week AAC has averaged 13.3 points and 9.7 boards in his last three games.

Second year Landers Nolley II:

Named for the League’s weekly honors show on Monday, Landers Nolley II’s sophomore also pursued his excellent 12-point game against the Mustangs, reaching double figures for a team’s ninth game. In the three previous clashes, he is 8 out of 15 behind the arc. In the previous three games, guard Alex Lomax, who contributed 14 points to the team against the Mustangs, averaged 5.3 assists.

Why can SMU cover the following?

Memphis Tiger’s vs Smu Basketball, Stanford vs Arizona Prediction, Memphis Basketball List, Oklahoma vs Texas Prediction. Senior point guard Tyson Jolly, photographer for the All-ACC’s Prehauptsaison, got off to a modest start to 2020-21 with five points against the UCF on Saturday. He averaged 14.5 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.3 supports, leading the team to 11 points in all games last season. One of the best 3-point team shooters in 2019-20 was three on five on Tuesday.

Target %. A:

The League leads both in scoring (78.5 points) and in field target %. SMU should be better at re-play (47.1). The Mustangs are in second place with 74.1% free kicks, but only six times on Tuesday, making five. The Mustangs have arrived at AAC. On the other hand, the Tigers have been in the category in the past (60.9), and Tuesday’s terrible 12-of-25 win nearly hurt them.

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How to select Memphis versus SMU:

The model is based on a total of 143 points, predicting the two teams together. It also produced a counterproductive pick, which hits over 60% of the simulations. Only the SportsLine selection is visible. Who, therefore, predicts Smu vs Memphis AND which side of the scatter hits more than 60 percent? Visit SportsLine right now to see which size side, from the computer model that crushed your college basketball picks.

Smu-Memphis betting odds:

Memphis is the favorite house in the March bubble game and is the favorite with 2 points. In two straight games, the Tigers covered and won SU, but failed to cover nine of their last 13 games. SMU has a 5-4-1 ATS. The points total is 141.5 and it can go either way. In 11 of 13 games this year, Memphis failed to OVER, while SMU went 7 out of 10 games.

Betting Analyst – Smu Mustang:

After losing back-to-back games to Houston and Cincinnati, Southern Methodist is on a two-game winning streak. Cincinnati’s loss was terrible, but the Mustangs have been playing well ever since. Overall, the Smu vs Memphis prediction has a strong team, making the country the 53rd most effective offensively and 61st most effective defense (79.1 points per game) (66.9 points allowed per game). They have four players, starting with Kendric Davis, averaging double-digit total points.

Ethan Chargois Averages:

Davis is averaging nearly 20 points per game in addition to 7.8 assists. A team of 8.6 rebounds per game, Feron Hunt contributes 12.2 points per game, although Ethan Chargois is averaging ten and six (along with 3.2 assists per game). The club has attacking players throughout and a lot of experience with the top five scorers. SMU attracts 68 highest rebounds per game (38.7), 43 highest defenders per game (28.3) and 16 highest blocks per game (38.6) (5.2).

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Memphis looked like the best team in the AAC:

The 78th best 3 points (36%), the 85th highest two points (53%) and the 58th highest scoring percentage in the country (47%). They also have an average of 17 fans per 29th national game. In the last two games, Memphis looked like the best team in the AAC. The Tigers scored 20 points against a solid Wichita State team to outrun the Pirates’ 7-3 ECU team 80-53.

What makes Memphis so dangerous is its defense:

Smu vs Memphis 128 prediction, Smu vs Memphis prediction picks and bets, Smu vs Memphis score. The sixth most effective defense in the country allows for 61.8 points per game (84.4). The club have allowed under 59 points in the last five games since they finally turned the corner. If you’re late to the party and wonder why Memphis is only 8-5, it’s a crime. The Smu vs Memphis prediction failed to reach 60 points in three straight games before the two-game winning run. Losses to Tulsa were two of those games.

Predictions: Smu-Memphis:

It’s hard to bet on them like Memphis plays now. The spread seems low enough to get them to SU, but feel free to roll with the red-hot tigers here. Overall, the overall point of UNDER is the most OK game. In seven out of 10, the SMU outperformed, but in ten out of 12, Memphis was understood. Unlike SMU, who are entering an arena where the Tigers have not allowed more than 68 points this year, they also play on their own.


There seems to be a low score no matter who wins. Memphis is dynamic and plays at home, so feel free to take comfort in a fight against the backdrop. Memphis are averaging 77 points over the last two games, with Tulsa in the rearview mirror. This is a small taste of what Memphis can do when defense leads to offense. Now, you click on all cylinders, but the success won’t last, it feels right. Smu vs Memphis Prediction Score:

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