Sheaun Mckinney Being a Miami native is second nature

Sheaun McKinney: There are no guarantees in life, and the entertainment industry is no exception. An actor may be in demand one day but struggle to get roles the next. So Sheaun Mckinney appreciates what he’s accomplished in his career so far and is optimistic that he’ll have a lot more chances in the future. When you’re on shows with Danny McBride, that’s no small achievement.

With his role in the comedy series Vice Principals, he got his big break. As a result, he was cast in a starring role in the 2018 sitcom The Neighborhood, seeing him continue his upward trajectory. Sheaun was able to share his skills with a large audience thanks to the show, and viewers are in love with his work. Here are some interesting facts about Sheaun Mckinney that you probably didn’t know.

Being a Miami native is second nature to him:

It’s no secret that Sheaun Mckinney grew up in Miami, and he values ​​those origins. Even though he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, his heart would always be in Miami with his family.

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As a writer and producer, he is very successful:

Sheaun is more comfortable in front of the camera, but he’s been working hard to gain confidence in front of the camera as well. Over the past few years, he has managed to gain some experience as a writer and producer. In 2010, he wrote his first fiction episode for the web series Make It Happen. Furthermore, he wrote and produced some episodes of the show.

He didn’t start acting until college:

If you didn’t start acting in your elementary school plays, you might be considered a laggard in the field of acting. If that’s the case, Sheaun had an advantage in the competition than he did. Even though he always wanted to be an actor, he didn’t start acting until he enrolled at Miami-Dade College. He rose through the ranks of the drama club there, eventually becoming its president.

He hoped to become a police officer in the past:

McKinney aspired to follow in the footsteps of his mother, who worked as a corrections officer for many generations, and became a police officer. In an interview with The Undefeated, he stated: “I trained to be a police officer and was waiting for the call to see if I could sponsor a gym.

In the original plan, he would try out for the role of Marty in:

Sheaun is the ideal candidate for the role of Malcolm, although initially he was supposed to try out for a different position. In an interview with LRM Online, he stated, “I got an audition to read the role of Marty, played by Marcel Spears. At first, I didn’t think I could play this character.” “I was too old for this role,” he continued.

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He is not afraid to become a politician:

For the most part, those in the entertainment industry avoid expressing their political opinions for fear of reprisals. Most of his Instagram feed is political, which he shares freely. On the other hand, McKinney received a lot of attention for his work on the retro comedy The Neighborhood, starring Cedric the Entertainer, which has a Norman Lear vibe.

“He was a rapper”

was not always in from Sheaun plans to pursue an acting career, but has discovered that he has a natural affinity for creative fields. He and some of his peers started a rap trio called 3 in Da Clip while they were in high school. We couldn’t find any recordings or videos from this band. McKinney had aspirations to become a police officer like his mother. But he was bitten by the acting bug at Miami Dade College and hasn’t looked back since.

When it comes to fashion, he is a true fanatic.

Due to his frequent television appearances, Sheaun has a strong desire to look his best. As a result, he is very interested in fashion and has a keen eye for aesthetics. Putting on costumes is a new way of expressing himself, and he likes to let people see his unique personality through his clothes.

As stated earlier, he made his big screen debut on the show Burn Notice:

Sheaun McKinney made his screen debut on an episode of Burn Notice in 2007. It was his first time on television, but he also had the opportunity to perform several stunts. Shaun told The Undefeated: “So when people watch the Burn Notice episode, know that I performed my own stunts!”

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When it comes to fashion, he is a true fanatic:

Due to his frequent television appearances, Shaun McKinney has a strong desire to look his best. As a result, he is very interested in fashion and has a keen eye for aesthetics. Putting on costumes is a new way of expressing himself, and he likes to let people see his unique personality through his clothes.

Max Greenfield Girl:

New Girl’s Max Greenfield and 2 Broke Girls’ Beth Behrs star in the comedy, renewed for a second season, and it follows a white family who move to a predominantly black area of ​​Los Angeles and become neighbors with the Butlers. This creates an abundance of hilarious riches because Martin and Everybody Hates Chris, Tichina Arnold, plays McKinney’s peacemaking mother on the show, while Cedric is one of the Original Kings of Comedy who plays his grumpy, racist father.


He is a talented artist who also has excellent comic timing. Sheaun Mckinney is looking forward to seeing what his future holds now that he has such a fantastic resume to lean on. Later, I got a call from my manager saying that they would like me to come back and read to their older brother. Despite moving to the west coast, he is still a Miami sports fanatic.

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