Pimp Cups – Place the cup with the rim facing down on the newspaper

Since the early 1970s, when only Chicago’s local pimps would air the Pimp Cup around town, its evolution has been remarkable. However, it has now been adopted by a new generation of partygoers, hip-hoppers and rappers. People like Snoop Lion and Lil John made Pimp Cups to represent their opulent lifestyle. There are many different styles of Pimp Cups, some designed specifically for drinking, while others exist for decorative purposes only.

Origin of Pimp Cups:

O Pimp The origins of the Cup are a matter of debate, but the consensus is that it was started in the early 1970s by Chicago street dealers and pimps. When it comes to royal cups, look no further than King Arthur and his court at the Court of King Arthur, the famous British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries. Has the phrase “A cup fit for a king” ever been used to describe anything? That’s the plan, at least.

Annual pimp convention in Chicago:

It was well known in the 1970s that the Pimp Cup was only open to real pimps, such as those attending “The Players Ball”, an annual pimp convention in Chicago, Illinois (Chi City). For a new addition to your next planned party or your next Rap/Hip Hop video, or even just Mack out, now you can get them customized for just about any occasion.

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Pimp cups design:

For the most part, the design options for the cups are limitless, and they can make anything from real glass, steel or plastic to a variety of different embellishments like acrylic stones, glitter and rhinestones in all colors and sizes.

Pimp cups for the king:

King style goblets resemble a king’s goblet, the kind you’d find in an English castle or befitting a true English king. Pimp Cups come in all shapes and sizes, but to give you an idea of ​​what they can look like, here are some dimensions for a Pimp Cup. The bottom diameter of King Style cups is approximately 3.25′′, while the opening diameter is 3.50′′, and they are typically 8′′ tall. King Style Goblets and Don Juan Style Goblets have the same diameter but are slightly different in shape.

Making a cup of pimp from scratch:

Rapper and drug dealer Bishop Don “Magic” Juan made these hip-hop-inspired drinking reservoirs famous. Whether made from natural diamonds or pink rhinestones, gold, silver and flint glasses are popular in bars and are stunning additions to glass collections. Using an old goblet, a hurricane glass, an oversized champagne bottle, or an aquarium-turned-glass as a toasting glass, you’ll be toasting your juice in no time.

Place the cup with the edge facing down on the newspaper or plastic to protect your flat work surface.

Step 1: To finish the basin, spray it with a thin layer of metallic spray paint, being careful not to reach the interior of the stall itself.

Step 2: Holding the glass against a light source while painting ensures that no spots are missed. Let the paint dry completely before trying another project.

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Step 3: Set the desired pattern on the work surface while the paint is curing, then arrange the stones and other shiny decorations. Make a bling pattern or write your name, nickname or initials on it. Do not plan to cover the entire cup with stones; instead, leave a little space around the top edge for easy drinking.

Step 4: Hold the dry cup up to the light so you can see what’s inside. Mark the midpoints of the cup with chalk or pencil to make it easier to apply the pattern symmetrically. If the decorative details don’t cover the pencil marks, you can remove them later.

Step 5: Use a small but suitable drop of superglue for each stone to adhere your stone pattern to the glass. Be sure to place the cement and stones straight and symmetrically to avoid mistakes. Take your time and let the stones dry entirely on one side before proceeding.

Step 6: Repair any loose stones with more superglue after the glue and stones have dried. To complete the cure, leave the cup in the sun for at least one night.

Step 7: Remove the last traces of pencil or chalk with an eraser or soft cloth.

Step 8: With soap and water, scrub the inside of the basin, taking care not to damage the external decorations. The pimp cup you just made is ready to use.

Choose a cheap cup:

Pick a cheap cup from the dollar or discount section of your local store if it’s not already available. You’ll also find a crystal candy plate in the store’s decor section. Stack the aquarium on top of the candlestick to create the stem of the goblet, then decorate. Instead of painting the metallic glass, make it clear for a more natural look.

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Cups for a king or queen pimp:

These pimp cups are a great way to let little ones meet the real king and queen. The front of the piece is adorned with the words “King” and “Queen” in high-quality black glass with silver accents. Use only warm water and mild soap Not suitable for microwave use. Each has a 16 ounce capacity, from premium brands like Betty Boop, Elvis, Marilyn, Ed Hardy, Playboy, Marvel and DC Comics.

Flamboyant Pimp Cups:

Pimp Cups and Goblets aren’t just for men anymore, despite what most people believe when they hear the term. In addition to being gamers, the women also use the flashy Pimp Cups to show off their dominance.


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