Melissa Shelton Texas Biography What Do You Believe?

Melissa shelton texas: A Texas woman faces criminal felony charges after allegedly breaking down during a December incident, an interracial couple’s car windows were smashed and racially abusive slurs were hurled at them. According to attorney Justin Moore, a grand jury in Guadeloupe County, Texas, indicted Melissa Shelton, 29, on Feb. Moore is representing Jacob and Victoria Chapa. According to their lawyer, Shelton is white, black. Following are Melissa Shelton’s taxes.

Melissa Shelton Texas Biography:

According to Moore, a “horrible and terrible hate crime” took place in Marion, Texas, where the couple were staying. In Moore’s account, the two were looking at a property under construction. A witness to Shelton’s car window breaking allegedly informed Capt. Mr. and Mrs. Chapa heard a tremendous crash from the front of the house,” More continued.

According to attorney Justin Moore:

During the trip, Victoria and Jacob Chapa decided to discover a new neighborhood in the Marion Park area. “He was dreaming of finding a new home to raise his daughter.” More added that it was the “perfect opportunity to visit this new place” because the two “were in Marion and wouldn’t be back for a while.” The Chaps, like any other in our country, a young family wanted better opportunities for their daughter, so they looked for a place to call home in a neighborhood where people shared their values.

Mason’s Claims Suggestion:

My cue was not loaded in this case. Moore claims that Shelton began hurling racist slurs at the couple as they “approached the crime scene. During the Enraged at Melissa Shelton tour, a white resident of the neighborhood, she threw a large cinder block into the windshield of a car belonging to a Mexican and a black woman right over her son’s car seat.

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Melissa Shelton’s Restaurant Incident:

Shelton reported the incident to authorities. According to Justin Moore Facebook post, when she returned home from a restaurant on Dec. 10 and “before she even left,” police were rushed to the scene. There was a call to deputies from the Guadeloupe County Sheriff’s Office at around 2:45 am on Lost Maples Way. Domestic violence call, according to the incident report.

Chaps’ attorney Justin Moore wrote: “Show courage and elevate Melissa Shelton Texas’ case to a hate crime.” The felony charge of criminal harm, according to Moore, “is a step in the right direction,” but “we maintain a fair amount of caution.” Moore went on to say, “The crime reported on December 10, 2017 was one of hate, not mere mischief.” We will continue to ask for evidence to support this claim, and it’s critical that the state’s minorities are protected individuals who believe they can bully people of color into places that should be open to everyone to send a strong message.” All above about Melissa shelton texas.

Before the incident:

“Imagine hanging out with your better half, enjoying a night out and your chance to drop by that neighborhood you dream of moving to,” Moore wrote in a statement before the January 21 arraignment. You are a young couple with aspirations for a great home to grow you are loved. To stop you from moving, she plans to harass you so you won’t buy a property in the neighborhood. A sharp, broken piece of curb shatters her car window as she hurls racist obscenities at you. To insult the injury, officers ignore your cries for help when you contact them. It `s exactly. That’s what we’ll do.

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Operations manager:

In 2009, Shelton, a mother and call center operations manager, was charged with theft. Melissa According to now deleted Facebook profile, her hometown is New Braunfels, Texas, where Engel Shelton was born. An online resume for Shelton reveals that she claims to be a mother on social media. She previously worked for Sears. As a 20-year-old male, Shelton was in Bexar County, Texas in 2009. According to court documents. In that case, she was released on $1,000 bond. At the time of writing this article, more information about the occurrence was not available. If convicted of the crime, she faces a sentence of 180 days to two years in state prison.

State tax law:

Shelton faces a term. Under Texas state law, if you are convicted of a felony criminal liability, you could face a sentence of 180 days to two years in state prison. She could face a punishment of up to $10,000 if she is found guilty. It’s unclear whether Shelton will face charges as a consequence. Assistant County Attorney Patton Zarate was assigned to the Guadeloupe case but could not be reached for immediate comment. All above about Melissa shelton texas.


According to Justin Moore, “We consider Shelton’s indictment long overdue.” According to Jacob and Victoria Chapa, they are “cautiously optimistic.” It is true that the filing of the charges in this case took more than two months. Our law enforcement officers must uphold the 14th Amendment and ensure that minorities have equal legal protection. The United States.” All above about Melissa shelton texas.

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Common questions:

What do you think you should be feeling?

That police department just told you that committing hate crimes, racial profiling is widely allowed – all above Melissa Shelton’s taxes.

Did something happen to anyone else at Chapa’s house?

Angry at the departments for making them feel powerless, victims came to my office, asking that we investigate the hate crime allegations and fight to have them vindicated.

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