Level Up Mega Seed – How to Level Up Mega Seed?

Level Up Mega Seed: Adding multiplayer to Level Up Mega Seed was perhaps the best decision the developers could have made, as we can now compete with other players around the world and catch even more Mortys. My Rick is almost level 12 and I’m looking forward to getting to the next realm as soon as possible. If you’re in the same boat, let me show you how to level up Pocket Mortys multiplayer faster with some tips and tricks.

How to level up mega seed?

Mega Seeds to level up can be made and used in the following ways:

Step 1: Leveling up Mega Seeds, which can also be found in the Pocket Mortys campaign, are another essential commodity.

Step 2: This seed can be obtained by crafting, opening crates, or purchasing bundles from Club Rick.

Step 3: You will need x1 Attack Mega Seed, x1 Defense Mega Seed, and x1 Speed ​​Mega Seed to make a level Mega Seed.

Step 4: They can be obtained in multiplayer by completing daily objectives, such as capturing wild Mortys or winning battles.

Step 5: If you have one of each type, you can make a Mega Seed at a Crafting Station. You can now use this seed to level up one of your Mortys’ levels by one.

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Step 6: You might think this is a lot of work for just one level, but to be honest, you can put them together quickly.

Fight to the best of your ability:

In multiplayer, fighting other players in Pocket Mortys is the fastest and most unique way to level up our Rick. When you’re starting out, only a few wins are needed to level up. The higher our Rick level though, the longer it takes to raise it again. On the other hand, fighting against other players does not always reward us with the same amount of Exp, as it depends on the level of the other players.

Maintain your winning streak:

It’s time to fight when you’re ready to face other players. The game will increase your Exp multiplier for each additional win if you win multiple battles in a row. A factor of up to five can increase this multiplier. However, this win streak multiplier is not permanent; if you heal Mortys in the Healing Center or lose a fight to another player, you will lose him completely.

How do you quickly level up Mortys in Pocket Mortys?

Now that you know how to level up your Rick, you should focus on taking your Mortys to a high level. It would help if you realized that the higher your character’s level, the more likely you are to team up with other players of the same or slightly lower or higher level. This implies that if you level up your Rick too quickly, other players will overtake you.

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Defeating a stronger Morty:

We can level up our team faster by defeating a player as they have stronger Mortys. Defeating a stronger Morty can result in significant Exp, but it’s more complicated. Fortunately, there is an object called Mr. Meeseeks who can help us with this problem. During combat, using a Mr. Meeseeks allows you to quickly defeat a Morty, regardless of how strong he is.

Buy new Mortys:

It may seem strange at first, but bear with me as I demonstrate. You can not only access new dimensions to visit by leveling up your Rick, but also receive new Mortys from Club Rick. Mortys can be obtained from a specific level range, which increases over time depending on your current player level. It makes sense to buy fresh Mortys from Club Rick (a minimum of 5 tickets is required) and mix them in with your current team.

Biggest Mortys for multiplayer:

Buying these packs saves time and allows you to get more powerful Mortys at the same time. He goes so far as to suggest that you save tickets until you unlock most dimensions to increase your chances of getting one of the biggest Mortys for multiplayer.

Increases Morty’s initial attack:

During battle, he can only employ four attacks at a time. This implies that you must continually replace the attacks he uses before the competition. The best method is to replace weaker attacks with more powerful attacks. Burp, which increases the accuracy of all attacks, will likely be one of the techniques you’ll need. Mortify is another useful move that boosts Mega Seed Level up’s initial attack.

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Save your handcuffs:

Another essential thing to remember in Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys is to save your handcuffs (the in-game money) as much as possible. You will later use them to buy Mega seeds, which will help you quickly power up Morty. Mega Seeds can be purchased at Salesman Rick’s. However, it would help if you beat multiple board members before you could gain access to them.

Heal your Mortys using free healing:

One option for obtaining the necessary items is to make them yourself. To make serums, it is preferable that you have battery and fleet. A battery and a bacteria cell are needed for Plutonic Rock. For Holzinger, a battery, a cell and a bacteria cell are also needed. You can also heal your Mortys using the free healing in the Citadel of Ricks.

Make sure your original Morty is at a higher level at all times:

Since you will only be using the original Morty in battle, you must ensure that he is always in good shape. As a general guideline, you should be 2-3 levels higher than the wild Mortys you encounter in the realm. When fighting council members or Boss Ricks, being two or more levels up will give you an advantage. Battle the wild Morty is for leveling up the original Morty.


As you will be fighting more than one Morty, you can also fight trainers to level up faster. There is no punishment for dying, so don’t be afraid to get stunned. When you return, all your Level up Mega Seeds will receive a free heal. Once you reach a certain level, you can fight Boss Ricks for badges. Make sure you have two badges before fighting the first council member.

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