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Growing healthy together the upside and downside


Growing together with health: As a pediatric and family clinic, we combine the natural benefits of alternative healthy growth with advanced methods of Western medicine to create a unique experience for our patients. With our integrated medicine approach, parents can choose from a wide selection of healthcare solutions for their children and families.

The advantage of GHT:

Southern California Holistic Health Professional. Unlike standard pediatrics, the GHT clinic offers natural and compassionate solutions for the well-being of your children and family, which makes it distinctive. When it comes to treating illness, we realize that standard Western medicine typically treats the symptoms but doesn’t always address the root cause. Using integrated and holistic natural health, we treat the child as a whole.

Pediatrician Concierge Plan:

In addition, we offer a Pediatric Concierge Plan that fits your needs. When it comes to pediatrics, our degree of accessibility is unsurpassed. We put our nearly 20 years of medical experience to work for you. Once your child’s account is web-enabled on our system, we will provide you with a login. Using this app is very easy and keeps you in touch with our office. Growing up with group health The pediatric clinic has a single website.

Newly diagnosed patients:

Please accept our sincere thanks for selecting Growing Together Pediatrics as your child’s health care provider. You and your family will be in my thoughts as we move forward together. It is our responsibility to take care of you and your loved ones. To become a patient, we require you to complete some critical tasks before your child’s first session. Then check with your child’s insurance company to confirm that we are listed as your primary care provider (PCP).

Health care provider:

Before any healthcare professional can treat a patient, most insurers need this step to be completed. Your child’s first appointment must be scheduled with our Scheduling Team using the reference number provided by the insurance representative. Complete the New Patient Pack. For your initial visit, please call 407-770-1414 after submitting this package.

Other orders:

The name, address and telephone number of your child’s former doctor or hospital so that we can help you obtain your child’s medical records. Your child’s most recent vaccination card, insurance card and photo ID must be purchased at the first appointment. Before your appointment, download the Healow Kids app or the Healow app.

Patient Portal queries:

As part of our patient communication strategy, growing healthy together utilizes a patient portal. While you’re here, it saves us a lot of paper and time. We ask that all patients arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time. This guide will walk you through the check-in process for your appointments. This clinic is staffed by six doctors, including chiropractors and family doctors, pediatricians and nurses.

You are scheduling the following appointment:

By accessing Patient Appointments > Upcoming Appointments on the Patient Portal in the navigation menu, you can access the login process if you have already accessed the Patient Portal using one of the navigation blocks. Be sure to save your answers at the bottom of each page before moving on to the next.

Start the check-in procedure:

Through the Patient Portal, you can quickly access your current appointment. Whenever you open a page, the appointment check-in process wizard appears in the header. To quickly go through the entire procedure, use the wizard. To navigate to a specific step in the process, use the chosen menu or click PREV or NEXT. Click Start Check-in Process to get started.

Revised areas appear in gray:

Reviews and updates are immediately posted to your EHR encounter summary when you review or change the following areas. If you have completed or confirmed that you are growing healthy along with all the information in the check-in process, click Complete the check-in process.

Advanced Acceptance Now Uhc:

Even as we try to help our families with any insurance questions, difficulties and concerns, you should know how to use your policy correctly. Before services are provided, this function includes verifying whether or not the client is connecting to the network. The patient must pay for services not covered by their health insurance.

Important information about patient liability:

A list of the most common plans to grow healthy together can be found below. Please visit your insurance company’s website for a complete survey or to verify your plan. As of 2015, Aetna’s managed care options include Bronze, Silver, and Gold (OAMC) levels

Pediatrics as it is known today:

Our ability to provide natural and thoughtful solutions for your child’s well-being sets us apart from typical pediatricians. When it comes to treating illness, we realize that standard Western medicine typically treats the symptoms but doesn’t always address the root cause. We are known in Long Beach as an alternative child care provider. Visits here are more like visits with friends than with strangers.

Natural and integrative holistic medicine:

In natural and integrative holistic medicine, as we grow up healthy together, we treat the whole child, allowing the body to help heal itself. You and your child will benefit from our more than 25 years of pediatric experience, which is unmatched in the field. Patients benefit from the expertise provided by our team of nurses under the direction of our dedicated and compassionate physicians. The latter combines ancient healing wisdom with the most advanced technologies of modern Western medicine.


Having an open line of communication with your child’s doctor is essential to growing healthy together. That means you won’t have to wait a month for a doctor’s visit. If you’re worried about something, a quick text message or phone call can help.

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