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Faker Keyboard- What is the Faker keyboard setup?


fake keyboard: SKT Telecom’s Faker, also known as Lee Sang-Hyeok, is your middle tier. Faker is one of the most well-known players in the League, with admirers in every country. Just being and he won three World Championships, in 2013 and each of the following two years. Many esports writers and professional gamers, including Thorin, Alex Ich, and Maknoon, consider Faker the best League of Legends player in the world.

What is the Faker keyboard setup?

Faker has been using a Corsair K70 keyboard for a long time. Faker has experimented with various variants of this keyboard over the years due to multiple versions. The Corsair K70-Lux is the model he will use in 2021. For League of Legends, this is a must-have feature because of the comfort, stability, and control it offers.

SK Telecom:

SK Telecom signed Faker in 2013 and established the SK Telecom T1 2 team around him. Piglet, Impact, Being and PoohManDu were the squad members at the time. Faker and his father struggled with Faker’s decision to drop out of high school to join the B team. As a result of his strong performances in OGN Olympus Champions Spring 2013, Faker immediately became well-known.

Faker’s rise to prominence:

Faker and his team finished the tournament in third place. Before long, Faker was one of the leading contenders for the title of best mid-layer. Faker’s rise to prominence began with his performance at the 2013 Summer Finals. Faker defeated Ryu in a 1v1 duel in Game 5 of his series with the KT Bullets, and the tape soon went viral. As a result of their success, SKT was invited to compete in the 2013 World Championships, where they took first place.

What equipment does the best player in the world use?

Faker is a legendary League of Legends player with three “Worlds” championships under his belt. The Samsung Galaxy defeated the faker at the 2017 Worlds, handing him his first defeat in the “Worlds”. On the other hand, Faker is the best player in the world and is the big favorite to win the next world championship with his team, SKT T1.

The keyboard:

We think the Corsair K70-Lux mechanical gaming keyboard, which Faker is currently using as his keyboard, is the largest in the world and is another Corsair product. MOBA games like League of Legends (LoL) or Dota 2 demand near-perfect keyboard performance, which is why almost every MOBA pro uses the K70-Lux. There are mechanical switches, MOBA key sets, and a comfortable wrist rest on this keyboard, making it ideal for long gaming sessions.

Fake keyboard quickly increased:

The Faker keyboard quickly rose to the top of the world rankings in just one year of competition. SKT had a difficult year in 2014, finishing out of the World Championships. Faker was adamant about returning to the top of the leaderboards. In 2015, SKT regained its prominence by sweeping the competition and taking home the Season 5 global championship title.

Faker and the rest of SK Telecom:

Although the team has changed over the years, Faker and the rest of the SK Telecom roster are still going strong in tournament competition. As a result, we go behind the scenes to see how Faker plays League of Legends. We’ll show you Faker’s keyboard, mouse, and monitor, as well as everything else. Faker’s 2021 game settings and interactions with his champion will also be discussed.

Corsair K70-Lux fake keyboard:

Corsair’s K70-Lux is a mechanical keyboard designed for heavy office use. You can’t go wrong with this keyboard if you have the original Corsair K70 fake keyboard. RGB lighting is the most prominent feature. Compared to the Corsair K70-RGB, this keyboard has LED backlighting, which is an improvement. With Corsair’s official app, you’ll have full control over your RGB settings and be able to experiment with different lighting combinations.

Corsair faker keyboard performance:

However, pressing a single button allows you to adjust the keyboard brightness. In terms of performance, the Corsair K70-Lux is top of the line. The best switches for gaming, in general, are Cherry MX brown. They are simple to use and instantly relay the command.

Advantage of faker keyboard:

Another advantage of this keyboard is that a USB passthrough connection can be used to connect it to a computer. The buttons have a smooth surface, except for the spacebar, which has a high roughness. Overall, Faker has selected one of the best League of Legends keyboards available!

The phishing mouse:

— Faker’s weapon of choice is the Corsair Saber, and its sensitivity and dpi settings are set to a very high level. As a result, you’ll want a big, heavy mouse like the Saber that offers a good balance of speed and accuracy. High sensitivity is preferred by most League of Legends professionals. However, we believe the counterfeiter setup strikes the ideal balance between speed and control.

A dummy mouse pad:

This mouse pad has been used by Faker before, and is one of the highest speed/DPI mouse pads available today. Faker is living proof that you can be the best player in the world while using it. Corsair is a newcomer to the gaming peripheral market and a hardware titan. However, if you can afford it, their premium products are some of the best.


As a team-based game, League of Legends relies heavily on verbal communication. That’s why the faker uses a state-of-the-art headset from Corsair. One of the best headphone microphones on the market, along with excellent surround sound, makes the Corsair Void Pro an excellent choice for gamers who want to capture the tiniest details of a game.

The monitor:

BenQ’s XL2430T is the most popular gaming monitor in the world and we use it for our gaming purposes. The XL2430T is widely used in eSports, so it’s no surprise that the SKT T1 team is using one. As a result, we recommend that you follow in the footsteps of professional gamers like Faker and buy a BenQ gaming monitor. Razer wants to equip Faker and T1 Academy players with Razer Blade.


As you can see, Faker doesn’t have many options “out there” in League of Legends. While his game equipment is certainly top notch, most other athletes’ equipment is as well. Its interface may be easier to control, faster and clearer than the average solo queue player compared to the average. Furthermore, your in-game preferences reflect your playstyle, which is often quick and calculated.

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